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Frequently Asked Questions

We feature answers from other Yougle Workout Set users in this page so that insights could be shared among our customers!

Yougle Customer: It is not a hook. It is a strap with a small ball on the inside of one end- this goes on the opposite side of the door you are on. The strap is held between the door and the door frame- with the door closed. The other side has a loop which is where you attach the bands.
Yougle Customer: Doesn’t matter if you are a plus size or a petite size. Ropes are rubber so they stretch. If you have never lifted weights this is a great set to begin a weight lifting regimen. Great for traveling!! Easy to pack and lightweight.
Yougle Customer: No, it doesn’t need any additional equipment. My physical therapist suggested this for me, as it’s something that can be used when traveling. I am using it to recover from a broken shoulder, the result of tripping on a rock while running. This is super handy to have in your home. It’s just like the different colored bands you see in gyms.